Why can't CFSC purchase ice as a club from JMM like we did in the past?

ANSWER: The CFSC Board of Directors researched many different options to determine what was in the best interest of its club members. A great deal of time, discussion, negotiating, meetings and brainstorming took place before this new membership option was accepted.

JMM is moving toward a membership-based system with many of their customers to establish a direct connection to the individual customers who pay for their rental and programming services.  Although this won't be realistic for all their customer groups, it is a new strategic direction they are taking. In the past, the CFSC spent between $30,000 and $38,000 per year on ice for their club members. Our Club member participation numbers have been steadily decreasing over time, resulting in the Club's fundraising needs growing exponentially each year.  The fee each skater used to pay for their ice package did not cover the CFSC total costs for the ice. This membership-based system moves the financial burden to JMM where members will pay for the amount of ice they wish to purchase instead of relying heavily on fundraising activities to subsidize the ice expense to the club.


Will we still need to fundraise?

ANSWER:  Yes, but the good news is we will be able to use the funds we raise for more exciting things like our annual production, annual skater awards and recognition, and parties.  The fundraising burden should not be as large or as stressful as in the past. Our skaters will now be more engaged in the fundraising as it will benefit activities they will better understand.


What CLUB membership packages can I purchase?

ANSWER:   There are a variety of packages available for you to purchase for your Club ice access.  You can view these packages on the JM website located at: (link under construction)

These packages include:

All Access - your skater can access any Club or Open Figure offered in that calendar month. (4 days plus all Open Figure Sessions offered)

3 day - you choose which three days during club time - mix and match.

2 day - you choose which two days during club time - mix and match.

1 day - you choose which day you wish to skate - mix and match.

  • Walk-On JMM will offer a walk-on fee that is available in 1 or 2-hour increments.


How much do the CLUB membership packages cost?

ANSWER:  The following are the options JMM is offering for the first year.

All Access - $200/month Cortland Figure Skating Club Member Price (4 days plus all Open Figure Sessions offered)

3 day - $150/month Cortland Figure Skating Club Member Price (plus all Open Figure Sessions Offered)

2 day - $120/month Cortland Figure Skating Club Member Price

1 day - $90/month Cortland Figure Skating Club Member Price

Walk On - $35/two hours or $18 for one hour

*Additional benefits are outlined on the JM website Skating Package Page.


I am not a member of the Cortland Figure Skating Club. Can I purchase an Associate Membership?

ANSWER: Yes! The Cortland Figure Skating Club offers an Associate Membership for $45. Our Associate Membership provides you with the following benefits:

  • * Ability to purchase JM skating packages for HOME Club prices
  • * HOME Club prices on Cortland Club
  • * Access to the Cortland Club Room
  • * Invitation to Special Events such as the Annual Production and Annual Awards Ceremony in the Spring.

Once I pick a monthly package, do I have to purchase the same package the next month?

ANSWER:  No! You are free to change your membership package to accommodate your skater and coaches needs. Once you purchase a package, you are locked into that package for one calendar month. (Example: On 9/1/18 you purchase a September 3 day package. You cannot change your package until 10/1/18 when you purchase the next month's package).


Who do I pay for my monthly Club Package?

ANSWER:  All payments will be made to the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex directly. You can purchase your membership using cash, check, or credit card.


How do I purchase my monthly Club Package?

ANSWER:  Contact the JM McDonald Sports Complex via the website, in person or over the phone to purchase your package. You can reach them at, 607-753-8100 or in person at 4292 Fairgrounds Drive, Cortland, NY 13045


What is the Cortland Club Room?

ANSWER: This is an exclusive room at JM where our members can change into their skates, store their skate bags during Club skating, socialize with other Club Members.  Any parent who has completed SafeSport Training and passed the background check will be able to enter the Club Room with their skater and other parents. This room will be the hub of the CFSC communications, special events, and meetings for our activities.  Learn to Skate members will not be able to access the room until they graduate from LTS and enter the Soaring Stars program.


Will I have to pay a fee to be in the Annual Production?

ANSWER:  Yes. The participation fee you will be asked to pay will cover direct costs such as costumes, group coaching for production, supplies and/or advertising.


Will I have to pay a fee to be in a Test Session?

ANSWER:  Yes. The participation fee you will be asked to pay will cover direct costs such as judges (travel), supplies, USFSA Fees, and/or expenses directly related to a Test Session.  Cortland Figure Skating Club members will receive a discount on their Test Session fees as part of their membership benefits.


What registration forms do I need to fill out for CFSC / USFSA purposes?

ANSWER:  The following attached forms/agreements must be filled out in order for skaters to take the ice:

  • Member Registration Form


Safe Sport


Waiver and Release of Liability


Parent & Skater Code of Conduct


Ice Etiquette


Name and Likeness Release & Consent Agreement


Do I have to pay any fees to CFSC to get my skater on the ice?

Yes. Your annual USFSA Membership dues are due to be renewed each year. The USFSA Fees are: $60 individual (first family member), $20 (subsequent family member), $75 college. If you did not yet pay this fee in June 2018, you will need to do so before you start skating this season. Please fill out the attached form (Link on website) and mail with check to:

Cortland Figure Skating Club

Attn: Stephanie Burns, Membership Director

PO Box 5232

Cortland, NY 13045


Who needs to complete SafeSport Training and the USFSA Background Check?

ANSWER: All volunteers, officials, coaches or staff who have contact and/or authority over our skaters are required to complete the SafeSport training and to pass a background check.  What does this mean? If you are volunteering in any capacity with the Club and have contact with our skaters, you are required to complete the training and background check. If you wish to enter the Locker Rooms or Club Room while skaters are present, you are required to complete the training and background check.  Since we are a small club, most of our parents will need to meet these requirements. Please see Melissa LeVick, VP and SafeSport Compliance officer if you have questions. The following link takes you to the SafeSport information provided by USFSA. CLICK HERE


What if another group wants to use the ice when we are scheduled to skate? Will we get bumped?  

ANSWER:  This is an excellent question. JMM has committed to freeze the times during the summer prior to the skating season so members will know exactly which dates they are able to skate. The confirmed and committed schedule is found on the JMM website.


Soaring Stars FAQ's

I am a Soaring Stars Member. What package is available for my skater?

ANSWER:  Congratulations on graduating from Learn to Skate USA!  Our Soaring Stars members are very important members and we are very excited you are coming back to skating this season.  To get more information on the Soaring Stars package, go to the following link on the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex website. Your program will cost the following per season:

·       $450 per skater ($225 due before 10/6/18 & 1/5/19) - payable to JM McDonald Sports Complex for access to the ice on Sundays from 1-2 pm for your group lesson and one other day per week for one hour (Monday 5:45 - 6:45 pm, Wednesday 5:45 - 6:45 pm or Saturday 10:15 - 11:15 am)

·       $30 per skater for USFSA membership - this is your annual registration fee to become a USFSA Bridge Program member, payable to Cortland Figure Skating Club who will then remit funds for the entire group to USFSA.


What if my skater and coach decide to skate more than 2 days a week to get more practice time for a test session or competition?

ANSWER:  You can purchase a one hour walk on pass for $10 from JMM in their main office.


How do I decide which Coach is best for my skater for private lessons?

ANSWER:  The relationship between a skater and their coach is an important one. During the group lessons on Sundays, your skater will have a chance to interact with all of our coaches. It is important to talk with your skater, the coaches, and other parents who can answer questions about choosing the right coach for your skater. We are very fortunate in Cortland to have many excellent coaches to choose from!


How much do I pay for private lessons in Soaring Stars?

ANSWER:  Private lessons rates are set by the Professional Coaches. For a 15 minute private lesson, you can expect to pay between $10 and $20 per lesson. These payments are made directly to your Professional Coach. Contact them to determine what payment method they use.